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announcer: this is the bay area's the new station. the kron4 news as 7:00 a.m. start now. >>darya:
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>> the south bay freeways are looking good with no problems along the peninsula. it is a smooth and easy ride on 101 southbound coming out of marin. >>darya: we are one hour 15 minutes away from the space shuttle endeavor taking off in california and making its way over the bay area. the shuttle takes off at 8:15 a.m. from the edwards air force base atop a specially fitted 747 jumbo jet.
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>> they are waiting period and about a half an hour they should open the gates and then people will go on to the runways. expect the shuttle to come around around 930 or so. thousands of people outside the gates ready to go inside, the young, old and everything in between. >> we have never seen a shuttle take off or land in person.
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>> the past, it is basically going to go from the left to the right of your screen. when it comes, we will bring it to live. >> if you can still come down here you cannot drive because parking is limited. it is probably only a half
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mile from the gates to this location. you can no longer drive on to moffett field. >>darya: you can join the fun but like will said, it will be hard to get there, but you do have time. the ball probably not fly over until around 10:00 a.m.. let's show you some other places, you do not have to view it from moffett. it will be flying over walnut creek and then making a loop over hayward.
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anywhere in the san francisco area like sausalito, a fisherman's wharf, those are all good sleazes if you have ever seen the fleetweek festivities with the blue angels. the shuttle will be flying over coyote point in san mateo and then at the bay when preserve in palo alto. there is will tram at moffett field.
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>>darya: an officer involved shooting late last night. according to witnesses, vandals wrote the word killer on the wall of the police station. this is at 600 valencia's street. it was around 10:30 p.m. that the rioters yelled obscenities. the bart muni plaza at 16th street had to be closed down andand 11:00 p.m.. the shooting that sparked this outrage was around 8:00 p.m. in the 200 block of 14th. that is where police say to officers in plain clothes
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spotted without work gang members, attempted to talk to one of them get that person took off on foot. police opened fire when they say he had a weapon. >> during the foot pursuit, the suspect pulled a weapon. we do not know where he had it on his person, he turned towards the officer and at that time the officer or the suspect to drop the weapon. the suspect began to raise the weapon and fired two shots fearing for his life. the suspect was struck and transported to san francisco general. his conditions are not life-threatening. >> police say the demonstrations were over shortly before midnight and none of the demonstrators was arrested. the suspect's gun was a tech 9 pistol. it was recovered at the scene. >>mark: we will take a break, here is a quick look outside from the marin headlands.
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we are anticipating the arrival of space shuttle endeavor making a flyby in the next few hours. we are also getting word of a possible hostage situation going on at an office building in downtown pittsburgh. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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>>darya: a hostage situation in the downtown pittsburgh the way center. the duffel bag could have explosives. female hostages are inside of the room on the 15th floor. >>darya: more violent protests today in pakistan against the anti islamic film produced california. here is a new video. people are mounted and the thing that one person is dead.
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>>james: we will take a quick break. here is another shot from the marin headlands. a great vantage point. we are anticipating the arrival of space shuttle endeavor are around 9:30 a.m. -10:00 a.m.. we have all eyes are watching, back with more in a minute.
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>>james: today is the day that iphone users have been anticipating for a couple of weeks. the iphone five is officially available for sale at 8:00 a.m. they are already working there way into that long line in downtown new york to get their hands on the fund. in the bay area we have another 45 minutes before our stores open up. gabe slate is standing by with more on the excitement. >> i a.m at the chestnut street store in san francisco. a show you this line. it is huge. this is the chestnut street
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apple store. there were about 300 people in line, a dozen people are camping overnight. check this out, there is a bubble artist on hand at making a giant bubbles. he is incredible and has been entertaining everyone here. the iphone file goes on sale at 8:00 a.m.. apple stores, retailers like at&t, verizon and sprint as well as a wal-mart, best buy and radio shacks. those stores will have less stock but if you go in and leave a deposit of $50, it will call you when the fog comes in with i think is the best way to get the iphone.
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>> have you heard from the store as to how many the it have? >> i have not. they're pretty tight lips. they are hoping that they have one for everyone in line. it is hard to wait in line and not get one. that honestly do not think it will hold out for this evening. >>darya: was still look at the weather. janu >> here is a view from the mt. tam camera.
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mostly easier conditions and a little bit chilly but warmer today compared to yesterday. we will have a warm saturday and that slightly cooler as we headed to send it. fog tracker 4 showing patchy clouds and fog along the coast and along the peninsula. that will clear off by about 10:00 a.m.. we are expected widespread sunshine to the afternoon hours and early evening and then, mostly clear skies as we have a right. as for the chilly temperatures, forties in the north bay as well as widespread '50s. by 9:00 we will see 60s indicated by the green on your screen. 70's by noon.
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the upper 60s and low seventies for the east the shores. los 70's in san bruno and san mateo. upper 70's for petaluma and san rafael. for those to be headed to the giants game, first it will be at 7:15 p.m.. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, mild and breezy. it looks like we will still cds to >>mark: 60s for the day, los 60s for the coast and a gradual cooling as we head into sunday. >>erica: happy friday. it is a pretty easy ride around the bay area. one of our slow spots is the toll plaza. but this time yesterday we were backed up well into the maze however just a little bit past the first over crossing we will start to see more traffic coming from the 880 over
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crossing. yes, the metering lights are on the the good news is once you pass that you will see speeds improve as he had towards treasure island. the san mateo bridge ride is moving well. it might be a little bit sluggish getting to the bridge, but there are no problems at the toll plaza itself. this ride is just 40 minutes between 80 and highway 11. huge traffic maps show slow and go conditions coming off of the also want pass approaching downtown livermore. heavy traffic approaching the 58680 interchange. for those of you using 5 80 in. of all, the red on your screen indicates speeds below 25 mi. per hour. in the south bay, it is low on water when approaching 87. in books like the right cleared up into a mountain view
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here is a look at some of your bay area drive times. hercules to berkeley, the ride is now 15 minutes down the east shore freeway. >>darya: we are back to a developing story which is out of pittsburgh. >> another story we are following in the bay area, san francisco is considering new parking restrictions.
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>>darya: if you are traveling to san francisco international, be prepared for possible delays they are doing construction at sfo this weekend. it is the second temporary shutdown of the main runway to be worked on because there doing new runway lights and some work there. the shutdown starts at 10:00 p. m. and the runway will reopen monday morning at 8:00 a.m.. flight delays are possible. they will do this again next week as well. >>darya: in pittsburgh a developing story, a hostage situation.
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>>darya: these guys are the
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first in line in london for the iphone 5 phones that went on sale this morning. they offered it to sell their first two spots in line for a pretty penny. they wanted $1,000 a piece. in the bay area the apple stores open at 8:00 a.m.. we have been shown live shots from new york they have been already filing in for their iphone 5 5. at the same time, samsung is planning to add to the list of devices they say infringe on its patents.
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>>darya: at the very time we are monitoring iphone 5 5, like barry has a blackout to deal with. europe and africa is having service interruptions. the company has posted on twitter and facebook that they're working to fix the problem. >> wal-mart is joining targets amiable longer sell the amazon kindle.
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for pfft for from brabant
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ibidem reason santa rosa.
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i will tell you where the temperatures are headed. let's get a check our traffic. >>erica: we're starting to see some slowing on northbound 101 approaching the 87 major change traffic on 87 is moving pretty well for the most part. a quick check on bay area freeways, still sluggish of of the altamont pass. speeds are at 25 mi. per hour on westbound highway 4. the south bay is looking good with no problems towards the peninsula. it is a pretty nice ride for southbound 101. >>james: space shuttle endeavor is making its way to the bay area this morning. that has ever won a buzzing all over the bay. nasa says the shuttle will take off from edwards air force base heading to sacramento and then heading our way. we're looking at maybe 9:30 a. m.-933 and before it is in san francisco and and will head to moffett field. that is where will tran is right now at the nasa ames research center.
7:32 am
if well >> it will be flying so low that they may be able to hear the clapping from the thousands of people in attendance. some of them showed up as early as 5:30 a.m. in at 7:15 a. m.7:15 a.m. we showed you as this to the negates this everyone is walsall compared with an account in order to draw on the field if we can get dropped off and walk from the gate coincident yes the, but will give you the. this is planned ceo ross available. look at this camera, she said see a double while still sees the system orpheus and i a.m very excited furious
7:33 am
michael workers told me all about this. i'm excited to see this once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> i a.m excited. i brought my camera to. >> there are a lot of people that i've wanted to talk to but they threaten me with violence. many people are calling in sick just to be here. i a.m sure there are a lot of kids who will be missing school as well. we will bring everything to live and get reaction throughout the morning. >>james: it lot of excitement out there. i know from jackie sissel near the marine haviland's, we will
7:34 am
be talking with him. of her case on >> is a picture-perfect date. a little bit of fog but that will not damage the spirits of the people out here. in the marin headlands, hundreds have started to gather they actually started gathering early this morning. most of the parking spots or already spoken for. the roadway is packed with people. you can see all the cars lining up on the marin headlands ready to get a shot, this is probably one of the best spots to see it. you can see the plane going over the city. i spoke with people who have been out here all morning asking them why and what they're waiting for. >> this is a
7:35 am
once-in-a-lifetime experience, to see this spectacular show. >> there is no better backdrop to the golden gate bridge. >> so far, the weather is cooperating. blue skies overhead. you can see some of the fog started to roll in, it doesn't look very thick. the hope is that all of these people will get a spectacular show. the weather will continue to cooperate and the fog will stay out of the gate. what happened at about two hours or so. >> we're doing pretty good. this thing will be flying solo, as long as you're close to the big you will probably catch a glimpse. >>darya: people around the bay
7:36 am
are going everywhere that they can. here is another look. many people could be headed over to the berkeley marina. if that is where we have been video from this morning this so we have used cover of this shuttle seriously. it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. i a.m prepared.
7:37 am
>>darya: right now, it is all about being able to see it in the air. yet he snapped a picture, ascended to was on kron4 and also go to our web page on www. to keep you updated on travels and photos and charitably on facebook it twitter as well. >>darya: with all the people lined up waiting for the doors opened serious
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[ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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>>darya: will the president can't it's our california bound there in the bay area for fund-raising. governor romney will be at an event in hillsborough that is $50,000, dinner for two. the president should is returning to san francisco for a fund-raising trip next month of october eats. that will mark his fourth time in the area since may. >>james: oakland police are continuing to investigate a shooting that injured a 11 year-old boy while he was sleeping. multiple shots were fired just missing several family members who were sleeping inside. the bullet seriously wounded the 11 year-old. police say they're trying to figure out the motive. at this point point they do not believe that it was random. >> investigators are looking into the motive behind the shooting, if it is gang-related, a retaliation, why was this house targeted.
7:42 am
off >> oakland police say they're following up on several leads in the case. he continues to recover at children's hospital in oakland. >> the search for a bay area retired firefighter continues. san the tip police sent two detectives to colorado to help amtrak find a 69 year old. his family says that he needs his medication and without it, he can become disoriented. authorities are searching hundreds of miles of railroad tracks between colorado and nebraska we will take a break and be right back.
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this >>darya: space shuttle endeavor is in california. it will be flying over the bay area around the 15th a.m., it is taking off from edwards air force base. we will try to pass as a flight to the bay area. you will be able to spot this scene, it is the last time you will see the shuttle in the air half >>darya: the iphone 5 is just 50 minutes away from getting our hands on one in san francisco in apple stores around the bay area. we're tracking as a love.
7:46 am
>>janu: mostly clear skies with patchy low clouds and fog over the golden gate. cold temperatures but it will be sunny and warmer today compared to yesterday. it will be slightly cooler at the finish up your weekend. patchy fog and clouds along the bay and the peninsula. it is really clearing up by 10:00 a.m. and staying clear to out the day, the actor did in the early evening hours. into the overnight, patchy low clouds throughout the day. as for temperatures, forties in the north bay and widespread fifties as well. by 9:00 a.m. a lot of '60s. by noon, a mixed bag of '60s and '70s. we will take a look at your
7:47 am
afternoon highs. low 80s in los gatos and campbell, 78 expected for san jose this afternoon. low-eighties along the delta. 82 expected for walnut creek. and mixed bag of upper 70's and low eighties for the north bay. first pitch at the giants game will be at 7:15 p.m.. mostly clear skies costs are expected. as we take a look at the 7 day around the bay we are expecting to see these on the board once again and then cooling off as officials a week. mid-60's for the bay and upper 50s for your coast. >>erica: we do not have any hot spots to talk about. great conditions around the bay area. we can see the end of the backup of the bay bridge. we are seeing more traffic
7:48 am
coming from the nimitz freeway itself. other than that we have shuffling, no incidents to report of the inclined or across the stand. pretty easy conditions out of oakland into the city. the san mateo bridge has been problem free and backup free. if it is a good ride if you're trying to make it would close to foster city. the golden gate bridge of southbound 101 is a bit heavy however we do not have any incidents to report. the traffic maps show slowing coming out of concord and the walnut creek. for those of you taking westbound 24, we do not have anything to report, but speeds to drop below 25 mi. per hour. this as we take a look as if francisco, south a howard street shut down between third and fourth. it's thessaly's into the afternoon and evening near market street in admissions. that is certainly an area to avoid. checking out the bay area drive times, 27 minutes from
7:49 am
hercules to berkeley. 27 minutes to each style also. from novato to san francisco, no accidents to report. yellow on the road with sensors and a drive time of 27 of its. asks >>gary: if you look now, if you are one of those two teams, the baltimore is of the eighth, they play each other in a one game deal. right now, the yankees have to keep winning. there in the regular rates with baltimore. fit is really a good time of year if you like these off-year
7:50 am
e.f. >>gary: fate had a bunch of injuries.
7:51 am
>>gary: alex smith quarry giants had to a press conference in the league threatened to fine him $15,000 improper wardrobe. they're just a that's a that these guys did not show up with the 24 hour energy >>darya: they're designed to keep all that outside of the field. >>darya: the and the fog just
7:52 am
sent a warning of seems. harbaugh was one of those that was pointed out. they were warned not to give the replacement rafts a hard time. >>gary: it is like a substitute teachers, they're pushing and pushing them, trying to intimidate them and it is rather ugly. >>darya: their raiders will be at home in oakland playing the steelers.
7:53 am
>> today, they make the announcement, when he comes into towns of late, he gives money to the oakland police. i think that is good luck. >>gary: i had never heard that before. >> in the meantime, look at what the players do with their money.
7:54 am
>>gary: that is terrible. i would rather be broken drive that. >>darya: you are always saying that these guys should save their money serious last scott 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
7:55 am
so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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but this >> is that >>erica: is a great time to leave your house. traffic is flowing freely on the stand of timber-the in and
8:02 am
all its one pass as well as drafted in an first iphone but with string.
8:03 am
damn it was really interesting couple of guys just swat spots for cash. the wall of death? >> that is not true. if you print or on line, you're waiting in line for perfect.
8:04 am
ever hear today is to this will become an avenue and the biggest sellout today or data by monday. >> we are it will behoove hornets above the takeoff from and california
8:05 am
pianist approval mlk del will benefit everyone to lead will be on time to the free to all of it around. in tuesday's people are hoping
8:06 am
for a chance to see history. >> it is going to be a great moment in history. it is a fossil 4s because my father-in-law worked on the space shuttle program. he has passed away but this is something we wanted to do for our kids. it is history. >>will: you brought your daughter? >> yes trieste's >> it is going to be very exciting. it is something that you will not see often. since my grandfather worked on the subtle, it is a great experience for school tenths of
8:07 am
education. what wore when >> a full circle, of course and never was built to replace challenger. it is great that they are there to see that. they could be ready to take off. there, you can see them getting into position. as soon as it gets airborne will hopefully go in a moment you live. once it does get here, there are a number of places you can watch endeavor as it makes its
8:08 am
work. remember, it is coming from sacramento. anyone living in walnut creek can get a good shot at seeing the shuttle. of course anywhere around the golden gate bridge or the bay bridge, a sausalito, christie field, fisherman's wharf, the shuttle will be doing a loop before it heads down the peninsula. it will pass overhead at quality. and billons preserve and ultimately in moffett field. it will do really low flat over for those thousands at the nasa research center and then it will head down to seven california for its common and home fax at the california museum in los angeles. send as your pictures if you see the shuttle flight by, we will make it a part of our coverage. a historic moment in the bay area. we're back
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>>darya: welcome back. it is a rolling it down the runway. it is not in takeoff load yet, but it is of the thing. the shuttle endeavor is piggybacking, ready for takeoff at edwards air force base in southern california. we are watching this live at the subtle if about to make its historic flyover of the bay
8:12 am
area before it goes into retirement. >> from here it will head up the central valley, it could go around the state capital, it could be closer to fit a half, fifth have it on how long the fence in sat for the info. it could take at least an hour, maybe 5 hour 57 defeated the san francisco from edwards air force thief. >>darya: it is the kind of thing they do need to be in place. all of the best viewing spots right now are packed. if you happen to be driving come to keep your hands on the wheel. >>james: will take a quick break and be right back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>>darya: we are poised for takeoff from edwards air force base. it should be taking of any moment. >> a highly anticipated visit. it is coming to the bay area
8:16 am
, it is going to sacramento first and then headed our way. >>darya: we are scheduled to go to our legal expert to talk about some of the big issues. the iphone 5 has just been released today. >> samsung just lost
8:17 am
to a lawsuit for patent infringement but have already brought a lawsuit against apple >> there is no international supreme court. >>darya: the shuttle is just now about to take off. >>james: there is. it is on its way officially what
8:18 am
we're >>darya: this is the big farewell tour. we have seen coverage, we will keep our eyes on one begins to approach our airspace. >>darya: today, the first in a photo of from the movie shooting in colorado.
8:19 am
>> of the bill is another he said to a psychiatrist with the day before the shooting. >> this is a little different , the and the notebook. it declaims insanity, prosecutors will fight to read what is amendable. >>darya: the royal family and the topless photos you were telling me how hard it is when you are a public figure to win this type of case.
8:20 am
>> again, this goes country by country. the fac in the u.s. we have fir amendment. britain has struck roles especially after diana. could you are famous, you have to be careful where your troubles. now, once a total as on the internet, once it gets any of the estimate is up forever. >>darya: and 8:20 a.m., a
8:21 am
picture perfect morning for our space shuttle rocket, it is supposed to be in the bay area with an hour. regina >> of sunshine and warmer temperatures. bob trecker showing patchy coastal fog. the lot of sunshine to of the afternoon and early evening hours. as we said the clock and that from midnight, temperatures mostly in the '50s warming to the '60s and buy lunch 70's indicated by the yellow. the afternoon highs will bring as '80s. >> low 83 los gatos and
8:22 am
campbell. and to the east bay, low-eighties. upper 70's and low eighties for the north bay. the first bit of the giants game will be at 7:15 p.m.. it will be mostly clear, mild and brief the -- and breezy. >>darya: we still have a lot to go, one of the stories were following, wal-mart will no longer be selling the kindle.
8:23 am
we will tell you why. ka habib
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>erica: and and what happened the back above the bay bridge toll plaza? nonexistent. traffic conditions of looking pretty good. no problems for many of the approaches. we are seeing top speeds across of the decline and across the upper deck. we have not seen any jam ups. westbound 92 is moving well. a drive of 15 minutes from end
8:26 am
to end. southbound 101, a little bit slow at the 1 01-37 interchange speeds are averaging 40 mi. an hour. on the traffic maps, slow and go conditions, was down 580, of of the altar on past. as we take a look at conditions in the south bay, still slow southbound 101 into the downtown area just passing it the 37 interchange. it's fantasy to 80 still looks pretty good. we are seeing sluggish conditions on a down 101 for mountain view approaching the dumbarton bridge. >>darya: samsung plans at the iphone 5 to a list of apple devices it claims infringe upon its patents. the jury in the case ruled that samsung patent claims against apple phi pham were baseless.
8:27 am
samsung is said to appeal that. the jury also ruled that samsung tablets did infringe on apple patents and that samsung should the apple over $1 billion. samsung spelled out its plans to in court costs and is seeking royalties from apple sales of five funds. >> it the users of like le wit their service in the middle east and africa. this is just bad timing and brings back unpleasant memories of troubled e-mail's and chat messages last year that less blackberry users without service in countries including the u.s. and canada. >>james: wal-mart has joined target in its decision to stop selling the amazon cancel.
8:28 am
of the laws of wal-mart's business could hurt amazon. >> still ahead we are watching skies over the bay area. we are on the lookout for the shuttle endeavor which moments ago took off from edwards air force base in southern california. the clock is ticking. it is making its way to sacramento and eventually to the bay area. we will be right fact risks now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste.
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>>james: endeavor is officially on its way to northern california. it will head the central valley, make its with the sacramento, give everyone a good show and then head in our direction. we are anticipated to arrive in the bay area
8:32 am
love them us they are expecting as many as 10,000 people.
8:33 am
>> i remember saying challenger when i was young girl. >>will: did they know the significance? >> i do not know that they understand its significance but they do have a lot of knowledge about space and the space shuttle is.
8:34 am
>> we have a lot of places where you can catch a site. walnut creek. since the shuttle is coming in from sacramento across right over the delta. anywhere near the golden gate of the bay bridge will be a good point.
8:35 am
>>darya: jackie sissel is live from the marin headlands this morning. >>jackie: james just listed a bunch of great races to watch the shuttle this morning. i hate to take anyone's thunder, but this is really this ought to be. you'll see the shuttle go over the bridge twice, north to south and east to west.
8:36 am
you can see all the cars parked along here and some of the upper lots. this will be a great vantage point. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. everyone has their cameras set up. this is probably the number-one viewing area. there is no wind or fog. everyones fingers are crossed that it will stay that way and would get a flyover. >>darya: how do you get there? there is no parking left and i
8:37 am
a.m assuming it is pretty damned. >> i a.m not one to recommend the climb of like a billy goat. you can see that people are lined up all the way up and down the road. xi is clean enough to >>darya: if you send us your photos, we will share with everyone, after facebook and it twitter as well as www.kron4. com.
8:38 am
>> the release of the apple iphone 5, there is the first person to walk in on the chest as st. in san francisco. there have been lied to just about every apple store around the bay area and around the country for that matter. in new york, there were lined up around the block. we're back with more and others stories coming up.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> other readers of travel and leisure magazine are calling san francisco one of america's dirtiest cities, ranking it no. 11. here's a look at some of the top vote getters. new york city, new orleans, baltimore, los angeles and atlanta round out the top five. san francisco caveman at no. 11. to bay area cities have been crab of the richest in the city san jose comes and number one o the silicon valley city folded $75,000 in the median household income. these are figures coming from the u.s. census bureau. the san francisco metropolitan area came in second.
8:42 am
average household income of nearly $70,000. >>darya: still ahead, both the bay area baseball teams won their games last night. we will have more as well as highlights. here is a live look for another spot where you will see endeavor as it flies over the bay area.
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
8:45 am
[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>darya: will come back. it is 845. we are tracking the shuttle for you can't apparently a tiger. >>james: these tigers were out at the oakland zoo. it is a really popular attraction. it is also expensive. they're asking you to vote for a measure on the november ballot that would give them more money. >>darya: we're tracking the shuttle as it took off from edwards air force base.
8:46 am
we have some new all of the best viewing spots. if you want to get out and about, there are some replaces the you can move over the bay. another developing story this morning, they let the first iphone 5 customers and to the ample stores. the stores are jammed packed.
8:47 am
>> one year ago those for bangle tigers joined the one that was there at the zoo. zookeeper's davis a tour behind the scenes of that habitat. they showed as where the tigers are kept with their not on display to the public. >>darya: here is a look at the weather. >>janu: here is the view from the roof camera. fog and patchy low clouds but a lot of sunshine, mostly clear and cool temperatures, sunny
8:48 am
and warm with highs in the '80s it will be another round of warm temperatures to run and a slightly cooler as we head into sunday. if taking a look at fog tracker 4, you can see the fog city of a debate with mostly clear conditions. by 10:00 a.m. a lot of sunshine and clear skies. car
8:49 am
>> samara cover 60s for the bay. now, let's get a check on traffic with air at. >>erica: it has been a pretty quiet morning around the bay area. we have had our fair share of accidents. the thing that this is a good
8:50 am
ride we're seeing even better conditions of the incline and across the deck. the drive is just four minutes from the foot of the maze towards clean on street this morning. your golden gate bridge ride is looking pretty good. no issues with visibility and a lot of space between cars. westbound 24 is slow to the caldecott tunnel. speeds are averaged 35 mi. per hour. as we take it up to the north bay we do have yellow on the roadway sensors, but no incidents to report. checking out drive times around the bay area, hercules to berkeley, that right coming
8:51 am
in at 23 minutes. >>james: the game was scoreless until saddam all hit a right-handed home run to give the giants a 1-0 lead. sandoval switched sides on the plague in hit a three run home run to extend the lead to 7-2. are asked buster cozy had a
8:52 am
solo home run. that made the score 8-2, the final score was 9-2. fast the magic number has now dropped to 4 to clinch the division.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
of the plant that, and this is brainy these issues in the moment that the damage claims lindsay lohan hit him with her car and then drove off going into the hotel. he went to the doctor and had a base daphne periods you see him standing there, this shows everyone is walking around and check chatting.
8:57 am
>> the attorney for low and says the video proves what her plans says. >> she says she absolutely did not hit anyone. >>darya: here is a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. forget the apache morning clouds. it has been beautiful. could does cool down and cloud up a little bit more on sunday. >>darya: we are continuing to
8:58 am
track in denver. we will show you all of the best places to get a peek.
8:59 am
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now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ announcer: to kron4 news at 9:00 a.m. starts now. but while and if >>darya: does someone there is on its last her raw as it heads into retirement siri ifs upper keeshond fox ask that the this is a last chance to get a look at it in flight. as host we have team coverage as live look to the skies waiting for endeavor.
9:01 am
will tran is at moffett field along with thousands of people.
9:02 am
>>will: what was it important to be here? >> i saw his shuttle take out when i was a kid. i thought it would be called for him to check it out.
9:03 am
and senator nunn with of the airline loses at christie field as we are looking at the golden gate bridge which will be a spectacular view this the endeavor >>darya: here is our other live look. jackie sissel is in the marin headlands looking down on the golden gate bridge. there are hundreds of people
9:04 am
lining the mountain. they are all over the sides of the street just waiting for that beautiful shot as endeavor does a couple of flyovers. once he's not your pictures, we would love for you to share those with us. costs rick >>james: you cannot have asked for better weather. all janu arasu to hustle hour forecast for the rest of the morning into the weekend. he's sobriquets on c >>janu: memo fog this mornings a few streaks of low clouds and mild temperatures. a lot of sunshine with more highs today compared to
9:05 am
yesterday itself. mostly clear conditions into the evening. a look at your full forecast coming death. >>erica: i a.m tracking a hot spot, an accident in the clearing stages, northbound 880 take a look at their red on your screen indicating speeds below the 25 m.p.h. carried the back of stretches around 230. slow and go conditions. this is almost out of the traffic lanes. in the meantime, you can always use interstate 580 as an alternate with speeds over 15 mi. from our. >>james: thought apple fans are rejoicing, the iphone 5 is now available for sale at retailers all around the bay area.
9:06 am
half half half >>darya: and therefore will never be in the e-reader and mss entire the entire space shuttle program dif this one is going to its final resting place.
9:07 am
half of on behalf filing it that all idea of health south heighth aho as of
9:08 am
all of of of of a half day air and of not involve slava is with of the adverse way in and they gave heavily involved hall in and how will lag zwingli on a of a half story of how bivalves have been long thought
9:09 am
had an advantage of high melting into in and new-line they're eager see the ranges of one is a pretty incredible ear show that 10 of the the people are lined up to see all of the bay area. safe if a couple of great viewing spots to see the shuttle endeavor as it flies over the bay area. this is the last straw before it goes into retirement as a museum piece. the shuttle had its last mission in 2011 2011, it was th
9:10 am
last shuttle of adults. cox did travel the 123 million mi. over 25 missions. now, it is being retired after 299 days in space. this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. the last time you will be able to see it in the air. >>james: it will take about an hour and a half to get up to sacramento from edwards air force base clear. the >>darya: it will spend a half hour or so making its way over
9:11 am
various landmarks experience fog >>darya: @ he gets on going over the hollywood sign, over the disneyland to, the entire tour, and $28 million. all wanted to do this final farewell to work. today's flyovers are four hours in total by the time inland at lax. the insulation does not happen until october.
9:12 am
as lie threat of the lions and hot evil were down any right
9:13 am
all but hon. crevasse half
9:14 am
got up at tran and >>darya: and this all is getting closer to the bay area as we speak. it is going to be flying over sacramento and then, it will make its way over the bay area. first over the marine headlands. here is a live shot from moffett field. they have a viewing parties all over the bay area this morning as people are lined up to see the historic flight.
9:15 am
>> back here around the bay area we have live cameras all over. >>darya: it is amazing that it is clear. >>janu: blue skies and a lot of sunshine. pretty ideal for viewing a flight today. cool temperatures this morning and warmer compared to yesterday.
9:16 am
as for the weekend it will be a warm start andy colbert finished. thirdthird a lot of sunshine to the bay area and clear to the early evening. as the set the clock ahead to midnight it looks like we are expecting clear conditions overnight. temperatures are warming slowly with more 60s indicated by the green on your screen. by noon we will see some 70's and the warmer spots and as the set the clock ahead, it looks like your highs will be bringing as '80s indicated by the orange on your screen. here's a look at your highs, 76 for mountain view and sunnyvale, upper seventies first cupertino and santa clara ladies in the south bay. thoughtful low-mid '80s along with delta. 79 expected for danville. low seventies for east bay shores.
9:17 am
the 7 day around the bay is showing us that it will be another warm day tomorrow and then a gradual cooling on sunday with temperatures in the upper 70's and and and 60s for
9:18 am
>> the problem i told you about, northbound 880 around 23rd, an accident in the clearing stages. their red indicates speeds below 25 m.p.h.. if the back of stretches a little bit back to 38. as we take a look at the south bay conditions, we do have a slow traffic on northbound 80 between cupertino and mountain view. a bit behind schedule on northbound 101 heading closer to 87.
9:19 am
we do not have any problems coming off of the altamont approaching the interchange. that right has been reduced at just 15 minutes. we will take a quick break in the kron4 news will be right back. stay with us.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> endeavor flew its main mission in '92 and its last mission in 2011. now, here is after the entire 30 your program was grabbed it and put into retirement, it is going to be flown over the bay area before heading back down to seven california where it will retire at the science center.
9:24 am
hist >> they had to go through and literally cut down miles of tree-lined streets just to make it wide enough for the shuttle to get it. >> today it is making its final journey, it is a part of a three day tour that costs $20 million.
9:25 am
>> i a.m here outside of moffett field were a huge crowd of people are gathered in anticipation of the big moment. >> in 1981, i was in the mojave at edwards air force base. >> there were a lot of people out there. it was quite patriotic. >> this is a combination since
9:26 am
1981, i have followed the shuttle program. >> you said earlier that you actually have some connection with the program? >> i was a summer intern at nasa ames in 1979. i worked on the space shuttle tiles and then flew a payload of one of the missions. >> this is history today. >> it is the end of one era and the start of another. >> it is the start in the interests of our next generation to get into space craft. >> outside of south gate and moffett field, rob fladeboe, kron4 news.
9:27 am
sixthsixth >> which are still looking for the subtle to make its approach we're back with more coverage in a minute.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: we continue to be on a shuttle launch for endeavor, on the right-hand side we are monitoring that, there tran in a camera and having it all of the place, waiting for the jumbo jets to arrive in and fly over the sat as a serious the
9:30 am
>> will tran has been down there since they have opened the gates. the parking lot is jammed. >>darya: can you hear us? >>will: yes.
9:31 am
>> we have with us a very special we have a very special guest. this is steve robinson, he was one of the astronauts on endeavor. i finally whipped him away from the fans. your thoughts on endeavor. this is personal to you? >> it is. i spent 36 years with nasa. i came here to work when i turned 19 years old. we're still doing wind tunnel design and the eventually, i got to fly on it. this is full circle for me.
9:32 am
it is something that everyone in california can be proud some places a lists volts volts six >> what is it going to be like to see her come aboard year. i would imagine that i would be a little emotional. >> i will be emotional, it is a sense of pride. had it is amazing to see the space shuttle. the pilots will be smiling and waving. it is a great airplane. to see endeavor on there, when you fly in space, you risk your life. that brought us all the way to the space station in the back, safe and sound. >> and never came on the heels of challenger. >> we had years and years of
9:33 am
success. thank >> ronald reagan said it is not for the faint of heart. >> having kids is not for the faint of heart. most things worth doing is not for the faint of heart. >> your thoughts on so many people turning out. >> this is fantastic. third third >> when you see this, it doesn't matter if you have seen at 100 times some you can't get over it. >>will: how many days were you there? another log 123 million mi.. how many were yours? >> i a.m a high mileage unit. almost 20 million mi..
9:34 am
>>james: >> what is it like to fly on the shuttle? walk us through the experience of lift off an orbiting. when he hit
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
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" >> we have the cameras all over from the east bay to the marin headlands into the golden gate bridge, all the way down the peninsula to moffett field. they have thousands of people lining of the flight line. " hist asked if she should if rare
9:50 am
when was
9:51 am
cahow " or whatever when when
9:52 am
if " white the web with how
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and and
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